Wedding Invitation Tracker

We want to make preparing for your big day as easy as possible. As part of our Wedding Planning Toolkit we’ve created a wedding invitation tracker.

This excel tool allows you to keep track of all of the invitations you have sent as well as the replies. It’ll then automatically keep track of how many people have confirmed, said they aren’t attending and those wedding RSVPs that are still outstanding.


Wedding Invitation Tracker

How our wedding invitation tracker works

1. Fill in the date of your wedding – this will be used throughout the tool (orange arrow).


2. Fill in the details of the guest that you have invited in the main area. Highlight the last populated guest detail row, right-click and chose insert new row if you need to add people. Once you have entered a new row, the quickest way is to just copy and paste one of the existing rows and then change the details to the new wedding guest. The information on the left hand side will update automatically.

3. Once you have filled in your guest information, if you click on the RSVP Summary button it’ll show you the current state of invitations and if people have accepted, declined or are still outstanding. These will all update automatically as you update the RSVP replies in the RSVP tracker sheet.


That’s it! Relax in the knowledge that you know exactly where you are with your guest list and are on track have an amazing wedding day.

About our wedding planning toolkit

The wedding budget versus spend tracker is just one of a number of tools that we’ve created to make planning your wedding easier. Why not have a look at the other tools we currently have available.