Wedding Budget v Spend Tracker

We want to make preparing for your big day as easy as possible. As part of our Wedding Planning Toolkit we’ve created a wedding budget versus spend tracker.

This excel sheet allows you to put in what you’ve budgeted per item for your wedding, versus what you’ve actual spent as you go through your planning. It makes it easy to see where you have over or under spent and allows you to keep track of everything that you need, whilst helping you to come in on budget.


Wedding Budget Versus Spend Tracker

How our wedding budget versus spend tracker works

Budget & Actual Spends

Enter the budget you have for each wedding item in the right hand columns of the tool as shown below.

Wedding Items Budget Actual Entry

Estimate budgets go in the column with the purple box (shown above). Actual spends go in the column with the green box. The totals for each column will update themselves (red box).

Over or under spends

The column to the right of budgets versus actual will automatically work out if you have over spent or under spent compared to your budget.


Items where you have overspend will be shown with a red bar and a red downwards arrow. Any items you have underspent on will show a green bar and green arrow. The tool will also work out the actual value you have over spent or the saving you have achieved.

Total Wedding Budget versus Spend by Group

As you fill in your budget and actual spend lines the tool automatically works out your totals per group and displays them for you. It then works out if you are over or under your total wedding budget presenting it as a wedding budget summary.

Wedding Budget Summary

Wedding Spend Percentages

Finally the tool displays a pie chart that shows the percentage of your actual spend that you have spent across each wedding category.

Wedding Spend Splits

That’s it! Relax in the knowledge that you have full control of your wedding budget and that you are on course to have an amazing wedding day.

About our wedding planning toolkit

The wedding budget versus spend tracker is just one of a number of tools that we’ve created to make planning your wedding easier. Why not have a look at the other tools we currently have available.