The Process

Below are the steps we go through whilst making your bespoke wedding dress.


We start with a totally free, no obligation consultation at our premises. Because we don’t have a shop, you’ll come to see us in our homes so you can expect a nice cuppa and a biscuit. We don’t have a shop so that we can keep costs down and pass those cost savings onto you.

At the consultation we’ll discuss your design ideas. You might have some idea of what you’d like for your dress, some photos or cuttings from magazines. We have plenty of images to go through should you need inspiration. We’ll also go through an array of fabrics. From the world’s best silk to stunning vintage lace all the way to beautiful replicas, we’ll identify the best fabrics to fit your vision. We’ll sketch up your design and take 30 unique measurements. This is where the vision starts; with all the measurements we create a dress that is for no one in the world except you.

With all of this information, we provide you with a quote for your dream dress.

Pattern Creation

Your dress is completely unique, so has to start with a completely unique pattern. We’ll create a pattern which is custom to your body shape and is the starting point for the creation of your dress. It enables us to make your dream a physical reality on paper before moving to the gorgeous fabrics chosen for your dress.

Fabric Cutting and Part Sewing

The first sewing stage comes with the all-important fabric cutting stage. Getting each piece to work fluidly with the next is vital for a wedding gown and we do this with meticulous precision. Once the pieces of your dress and cut, an initial part-sew commences.

First Phase of Sewing

The first phase of sewing enables us to create the first version of your dress. It invariably changes, even ever so slightly at the first fitting so it’s an initial vision of the dress.

First Fitting

This is where it gets very real for the bride. You can see how your dress is progressing and step into it for the first time. At the first fitting, you’ll need to wear the underwear you’ll be wearing on the big day, this is so that we can ensure the dress will truly fit you perfectly. It’s at this point where you’ll have the dress tweaked to be completely perfect.

Pattern Alteration and Sewing up to Second Fitting

After the first fitting, we’ll make the necessary alterations to the pattern and commence with completing the dress. This particular phase in the process can take around 50 working hours to sew, depending on the dress and requires meticulous attention to detail.

The Second Fitting

At the second fitting, you’ll see your dress, so very close to being complete, on you. It will fit like a glove and it’s the most exciting moment for us because we see brides faces light up! The final detail at this point is just to get the hemming of the dress right, so that it can be turned up to the right length. To ensure we have this completely perfect, you’ll need to wear the shoes you are wearing on the big day on, as well as the underwear.

Final Sewing

To complete the dress, we finish by taking it up to the correct length, with meticulous precision, of course, and have your dress ready for you. We’ll then have it ready for you to come and try on for one last time, if you’d like to, and collect it!

Why not get in touch now to get started on your one of a kind wedding dress.