New Venture: Backseat Baby

We have been lucky enough to grow the size of the Leeds Bridal family – we’ve had our first baby in 2016. It has been an absolute roller-coaster and we have so much fun with her every day. Its also been a massive learning curve both in terms of being a parent to a bouncing baby who is now a energetic toddler, but also in terms of all baby related stuff you have to buy. Some of it is essential.. hello bulk nappies from Aldi; others have been a total waste of time – yes I’m talking about you lot; cot, baby bath, snuzpod, de-humidifier – the list goes on.

One element that we found really challenging was finding a car seat. Obviously our little one is the most important thing in our lives and we wanted her to be uber safe in the car but also comfortable. Figuring out which car seat was right for us was like getting a university degree – there is just so much choice and information out there! And so we come to our new venture…. we’ve launched Backseat Baby. It’s a website that is designed to help parents easily find the right car seat for them and then ensure they get it at the lowest price. We hope that it will make life a bit easier for new parents by putting the information in one place, because lets face it, they have lots of other demands on their time than having to research car seats.

If you’re an expectant parent – go have a little gander.

Backseat Baby
Backseat Baby – Helping parents find the right car seat for them, at the lowest price!